full control of platform & content

You and your team will have FULL control of your branch (if included) down to the granular access level. 


Course management

Get the Most Out of Your Learning Experience – Utilize Content-friendly Builds, Assessments Engines, Learning Paths and the Most Advanced Standards – SCORM, cmi5 and xAPI, Surveys Engines and Files Repositories, and Optimize Your Learning.

  • ​Content-friendly: Build courses from scratch by using all types of media — like videos, presentations, and docs. Or reuse content you’ve already created.
  • Assessments engineBuild a variety of tests with options for multiple-choice, drag-and-drop matching, ordering, fill-in-the-blank, and open-ended questions.
  • Learning paths: Guide learner growth by restricting the way courses are completed, or course content can be viewed.
  • SCORM, cmi5 & xAPI: Deliver interactive courses with support for the latest eLearning content standards, like SCORM, xAPI, and cmi5.
  • Surveys Engine: Build surveys to gain insights into your learners and training. Send, collect, and analyze responses in one spot.
  • Files Repository: Upload and store files in your account. Organize, reuse, and share them with selected users.


We will create your SCORM-compliant courses for you.


SCORM (short for Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a widely adopted eLearning industry standard for tracking training activities (course completions, test scores, etc.) and exchanging learning content between different platforms.


xAPI is the successor standard to SCORM for the recording and exchange of eLearning data. Compared to SCORM, xAPI is based on more modern technologies (REST, JSON), is more mobile-friendly, and allows tracking a wider range of learning activities.


cmi5 is an xAPI-based specification (or “profile” in xAPI-speak), created to facilitate eLearning data exchange. cmi5 defines interoperability rules for content viewing, authentication, session management, reporting, and course structure between Learning Management Systems and Learning Record Stores.

Easy set up

ACEIRT Learning Center is an SCORM-compliant LMS. Upload zip files from the authoring tool of your choice, and in a few clicks, you’re ready to start training. ACEIRT LMS is compatible with SCORM 1.2 and 2004.

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Our SCORM LMS gives you access to rich reports with data you can use to understand your learners’ progress and the quality of your training. SCORM reports show a learner’s status, how much time they spent in a SCORM unit and their score. You also get data about the way learners have interacted with your content. For example, you’ll see individual answers to exam questions.

Learning delivery

Learn how to maximize the potency of your knowledge by unlocking the learning delivery platform of the future. Our platform is designed to give you the resources you need to master any subject with ease. From interactive sessions with industry-leading instructors to custom certificates and ecommerce features, ClickFunnels 2.0 makes learning easier and more efficient than ever.

  • Blended learning: Organize instructor-led training either offline in a physical space or online via videoconferencing.
  • ​​Certifications: Design custom certificates with or without expiration dates, as well as automated recertification, to stay compliant at all times.
  • ​​​Videoconference support: Offer live training sessions with an integrated videoconferencing tool or connect apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meetings/Webinars, and GoToTraining/Webinar/Meeting.
  • ​​Gamification: Boost learner adoption with badges, points, levels, rewards, and leaderboards. Customize the experience to match your goals.
  • ​​Rich communication tools: Keep learners on track and engaged with private messages, a calendar, and discussion forums.
  • ​​Ecommerce: Sell individual courses or offer them via subscription. Functionality includes discounts, coupons, and support for PayPal and Stripe.

blended learning

Now, your teams have one unified experience whether your training is online, offline, sync or async, self-paced or webinar-based or even good ol’ in-person learning.

Easy ILT session setup

Blended learning software gives you the ability to easily set up self-paced online training courses and instructor-led training from a single platform. Set up recurring ILT sessions, whether offline or online, connect ILT sessions to specific online courses, and allow learners to self-register to sessions that interest them.

Deliver virtual lessons

Connect the video-conferencing software you want and offer learners – even those around the world – access to real-time virtual instructor-led training as part of your blended learning approach. ALC connects with Zoom Meetings and Webinars, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, GoToWebinar, and BigBlueButton.

Automate actions & reminders

A blended learning LMS lets you set up automatic notifications to streamline all types of admin work. Now, you can notify learners about new instructor-led training sessions, remind learners a session is starting, notify learners when an ILT session is graded, and notify instructors when a new learner has registered to an ILT session – all automatically.

Evaluate and track blended training

Keep track of your virtual or in-person instructor-led training sessions with the same tool you use to offer self-paced online training courses. The ACEIRT LMS reporting engine supports blended learning by showing an at-a-glance view of all ILT sessions, registered participants, attendees, and grades, while also showing async training progress.


Now, you declare victory over low engagement, low completion rates, and poor performance with badges, leaderboards, and other gamification elements.


Points are one of the mightiest gamification elements out there. As a gamified learning platform, ACEIRT LMS hands over point-control to you. You customize the number of points your learners earn through our fixed set of actions –actions designed to increase user engagement.


Add a layer of interest and functionality to your training environment with levels. Levels create dynamic learning paths as courses are only accessible to learners who have progressed to the next level. This type of hidden content sparks interest, giving employees that much needed motivation to interact with training more often.


Win half your training battle by getting your learners to participate. With our built-in badges engine, you’ll create a clear goal-setting and goal-smashing environment. As gamification badges get progressively harder to earn, your learners’ knowledge improves and engagement soars. Plus, badges are customizable so you can recognize your learners’ achievements in a way that looks and sounds like you. Our learners’ achievements in your way.


Leaderboards not only help with employee motivation but also provide indirect feedback and inject a competitive edge to training. It’s like getting a “high score” for a job well done. Instant confidence booster.


Rewards are consistently ranked as the most motivating gamification element. We give you the power to offer reward-based discounts. If you’re selling your own courses, this is a reliable way to boost learner engagement and loyalty to your programs.

Gamification reports

With ACEIRT LMS reporting engine, you can keep track of your learners’ progress at a gamification level too. Have a look at the number of points they’ve earned, badges collected, and their place on a leaderboard to help you reward your most active users, design better courses, and make better-informed decisions.


Personalize your learners’ gamification experience in a way that makes sense to your org. With a gamification LMS like ACEIRT, you can offer a different “game” experience to individual teams. You can also control the point system and change the look, feel, and name of the pre-loaded badges to suit your brand, your teams, and your strategy.


Enterprise-ready solutions for your business. Reporting for an extensive overview of your account, user-friendly permissions to see what each users needs to, mass actions to make admin tasks easier, single sign-on available with several identity management systems, secure communication and watermarking on videos, premade courses along with subscription access to GrowthLibrary, extensible profiles and custom fields, Rest-API to collect data, native integrations with massive 3rd-party apps, GDPR-friendly features to keep data secure.

  • ​Reporting: Access extensive reporting about everything happening in your account, with a timeline to see all system actions and a report builder to dive into the details.
  • ​​​​User types: Easily fine-tune roles and permissions for different users, so everyone only sees what they need to see.
  • ​​Mass actions: Make administrative tasks a breeze with a variety of mass actions available across the platform.
  • ​​Single Sign-On: Simplify log in with support for LDAP and SAML2. Available integrations with Active Directory, Okta, OpenID Connect, and OneLogin identity management systems.
  • ​​Security: Work on a platform big on security with secure communication channels and the ability to enforce strong passwords, add watermarks on videos, and more.
  • ​​Course store: Buy 100s of premade courses from our eLearning providers. Or subscribe to GrowthLibrary™, our growing collection of ready-made courses.
  • ​​Extensible profiles: Add custom info fields to your user profiles or courses and enrich the details you collect and report on.
  • ​​API: Get the data you need with an extensive Rest-API to communicate with your learning portal.
  • ​​Integrations: Simplify processes with native integrations with BambooHR, Salesforce, GoToMeeting, Shopify, and more. Or integrate with over 2K apps through Zapier.
  • ​​GDPR-friendly: Easily comply with GDPR by collecting approval, excluding users who have opted out of data collection in your reports, and allow users to self-delete.

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